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1. When You Sleep- Mary Lambert
2. Silver Moon- Roo Panes
3. Briony- Dario Marianelli
4. You- Keaton Henson
5. Tourist- Yuna
6. Take Me To Church- Neon Jungle
7. Earnestly Yours- Keaton Henson feat. Ren Ford
8. It's Ok- Tom Rosenthal

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Mormor headcanon 051


Jim leaves Sebastian post-it notes in his rifle case saying things like

  • go get’em tiger
  • dont be late for dinner
  • have a grrrrrrrrrreat day 
  • i love you
  • make them suffer today
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Let’s kill hiatus | round 7 - faceless

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// on the case

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I’m a dead man walking here
But that’s the least of all my fears

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did we just break into a military base to investigate a rabbit?

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don’t you lay a finger on me!

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